Crossing Colombia from the Amazon to the jungle and to the Caribbean Sea

Crossing Colombia from the Andes to the Amazon and from the jungle to the Caribbean Sea

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7 Days

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We start our journey has reached the largest tropical rainforest on the planet, only 2 hours away on a commercial flight from Bogota, we will be able to interact with the most mega-diverse place on the planet, exploring the different jungle ecosystems, through placid and exciting journeys, always accompanied by local environmental interpreters, Indigenous people from the Tikunas, Cocamas and Huitotos ethnic groups, who from their ancestral knowledge and life experience will present us with the home of thousands of animal and vegetable species, telling mythical and colourful stories such as the Yakuruna or Kurupira, elves who protect the river and the forest, always transmitting their love, respect and appreciation for the mother forest.

Finally, after a stopover flight in Bogotá, we will arrive in the vibrant and beautiful city of Cartagena, with its century-old walls, castles, colonial-style churches and picturesque streets adorned with colonial and republican-style balconies and facades.

Our journey ends with the return to Bogotá where we will take your flight home.


Does not include

7 Days

  • Flight to the Amazon (Bogotá - Leticia).
  • Arrival to the city of Leticia.
  • Road transfer to the cabins on the trees, located in the Amazon jungle.
  • Traditional lunch.
  • Free afernoon.
  • Nocturnal tour through the jungle.
  • Dinner and accomodation in the cabins on the threes.
  • Breakfast in the reserve.
  • Road transfer to Leticia port.
  • Departure by boat through the great Amazon River towards the Marasha Nature Reserve – Peru (approx. 1 hour).
  • Entrance to the nature reserve (From July to January is a 2 hrs walk and from February to June 1 hour canoeing).
  • Accommodation in malocas.
  • Traditional lunch from the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Canoe and kayak lake tour.
  • Fauna and flora sighting, traditional fishing.
  • Dinner
  • Activity: Aroma and sounds of the nocturnal jungle, canoe ride on the lake (possible sighting of the black caiman).
  • Accommodation in malocas.
  • Breakfast on the natural park.
  • Walking to the amazon river.
  • Boarding of tourist boats.
  • One hour tour of the Amazon River.
  • Arrival to the Tikuna community of Mocagua, Tour interpreted by a ancestral connoisseur.
  • 40-minute walk through the jungle, visit of the Maicuchiga foundation created for the protection of primates.
  • Return to the community, lunch will be at the restaurant Payavaru, an initiative of indigenous women.
  • Visit to Puerto Nariño.
  • Magical afternoon in the Tarapoto lakes (with observation of pink and gray dolphins).
  • Transfer to Mocagua and accommodation in La Ceiba hotel.
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast on the hotel.
  • Boat transfer to Leticia.
  • Free time to buy handicrafts or fruits at the market
  • Lunch in the Wayra hotel.
  • Road transfer to the airport.
  • Flight Leticia - Bogota - Cartagena.
  • Accommodation Santa Catalina hotel or Nacar (or similar, depends of availability).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transfer from hotel - dock to start a full day excursion to "Isla del Encanto".
  • Boat transfer from Cartagena to "Isla del Encanto", located south of Baru, part of the "Corales del Rosario" National Park. There you can enjoy coral beaches and a variety of reef fauna, ideal for relaxing and swimming.
  • Typical lunch.
  • 3:00 p.m. Transfer to Rosario Island.
  • Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Free morning. There you can enjoy beaches and aquatic activities, ideal places for relaxing and swimming.
  • Transfer to Cartagena.
  • Free afternoon (lunch not included).
  • City through the armored city.
  • Acommodation in the Santa Catalina or Nacar hotel (depends on availability).
  • Free night (Dinner not included).

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Free morning to enjoy the beach and aquatic activities.
• Boat transfer to Cartagena.
• Free time to take your lunch.
• Transfer to the airport.
• Flight to your next destination.





  • Cash, Visa or Master credit card at our office.
  • Payments by debit or credit card, ask the advisor to generate a payment link.
  • Bank transfer.

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