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As we have told you before in many of our blog entries, Colombia is a diverse and beautiful country with kind people ready to receive tourists from all the world, is a place where you can travel with a low budget and have wonderful experiences.

There are some advices you should follow before of traveling Colombia, so you can have a better experience and save some money.

Residentes from countries in Western Europe, Americas, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa don’t need any visa, just their passport for entering Colombia, there are close to 110 countries who still need any visa for coming; it usually cost between 23 to 50 USD.

Tourists can stay in Colombia for 90 days from the moment they seal their passport on Colombian migration, you can verify in the website VisaHQ all the requirements needed for traveling Colombia and any country in the world.

There are not mandatory vaccines for entering Colombia, but it is always recommended to have yellow fever vaccination, especially if you are coming to a destination in Amazonas, Chocó or any rainforest location.

When can you come?
When you google Colombia you will see paradisiac tropical beaches and the most of the tourists can always think the weather will be warm and sunny all the time, but it can be a serious mistake, in Colombia you will find all kind of weathers, is a country with three high mountrain ranges, deep rainforests, deserts and beaches in two oceans, so is better you come ready with swimming suit and soft winter clothes.

Money and expenses
The currency is Colombian peso that can be COP $3.220 for each dollar (at today august 2018), you can visit Xe.com to know the average currency value.

Many travellers recommend to exchange part of your money before the trip and other part inside Colombia, you can also find ATM everywhere, but in rural or jungles destinies they can be harder to find.


If you want to save some serious money public transport is the best choice, especially in places like Bogotá or Medellín where it is more complete and developed, it can take you for short trips to touristic places inside the city and close towns.


In Colombia all the prices are relative and they really depend on the city you are, in places like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali or Cartagena prices are usually high, Cartagena is by far the most expensive place in Colombia.

Average price
You can find a dinner from COP$9.000 to COP$55.000, fast food from COP$6.000 to 30.000, a beer from COP$3.000 to COP$6.000, once again, it really depends on the city and the zone of it.

Other recommendations

  • Compare prices
  • Be very patient, especially with hours and schedules in public transport
  • Colombians are very creative, they will offer you transportation on motorcycles, cars, horses etc.
  • Is always better to buy bus tickets between cities directly on the bus terminals of each city
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