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It is an adventure navigating the great Amazon River, with a journey full of nature, indigenous culture and the magic of the largest tropical rainforest on the planet.

You are invited to be one more with the Amazon river, the jungle and the culture of the Amazon man, but above all to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to be one more with yourself.

You will be able to interact with the most mega-diverse place on the planet, exploring the different jungle ecosystems, through placid and exciting journeys, always accompanied by local environmental interpreters, indigenous people from the Tikunas, Cocamas and Huitotos ethnic groups, who from their ancestral knowledge and life experience will present us with the home of thousands of animal and plant species, telling mythical and colourful stories such as that of the Yakuruna or Kurupira, elves who protect the river and the forest, always transmitting their love, respect and appreciation for the mother forest.


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Colombia Cultural Richness
Crossing Colombia from the Andes to the Amazon and from the jungle to the Caribbean Sea
Crossing Bogotá – Amazonas Culture And Natural 7 days

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