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Colombia Cultural Richness

Colombia Cultural Richness

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17 Days

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When we land in Bogota, 2300 meters closer to the stars, we will find a vibrant country, proud of its ancestry, inhabited by happy and cordial people, our journey begins in the capital, where you can see a modern city that contrasts perfectly with the vestiges of history in its traditional neighborhood of La Candelaria, famous for its picturesque streets adorned with balconies and facades of a thousand colours evidencing the legacy of the city’s colonial past, as well as our Muisca indigenous heritage.

Continuing the way our journey has reached the largest tropical rainforest on the planet, only 2 hours away on a commercial flight from Bogota, we will be able to interact with the most mega-diverse place on the planet, exploring the different jungle ecosystems, through placid and exciting journeys, always accompanied by local environmental interpreters, Indigenous people from the Tikunas, Cocamas and Huitotos ethnic groups, who from their ancestral knowledge and life experience will present us with the home of thousands of animal and vegetable species, telling mythical and colourful stories such as the Yakuruna or Kurupira, elves who protect the river and the forest, always transmitting their love, respect and appreciation for the mother forest.

From the Amazon to the Caribbean Sea, this will be a great day where we will cross our country from south to north, on a flight with a stopover in Bogota you will arrive at Santa Marta, the most beautiful bay in America, this will be our starting point for a journey framed by beautiful beaches and the permanent company of indigenous cultures such as the Kogui of the Sierra Nevada and the Wayúu of the Guajira desert.

Our journey continues back to Bogotá where we will spend the night to continue our adventure the next day. Now we are going from the mountain to the amazing Pacific Ocean with a short but very interesting stop in Medellín, an innovative and friendly city.

To get to the small town of Nuquí in Chocó, we will take a regional flight with a duration of 1 hour and a half approximately, once there we will feel the essence and purity of the black race who with their cultural legacy will proudly accompany us to discover wonderful beaches, mangroves and colorful towns, without forgetting that they have the most delicious traditional cuisine of the country, it will definitely be an experience that our mind and heart will never forget. If we travel between the months of June and October we will be able to live the great adventure of watching the magnificent Humpback whales that visit our Pacific coast during this time.

Siempre Colombia invites you to explore Colombia, in a wonderful 17 day tour where apart from knowing and experiencing our country, you can connect with water, fire, earth, air but above all and most importantly you can connect with yourself.

“To start the journey you only have to take the first step”

9 Days

  • Flight arrival in Bogota.
  • Our specialized guide will receive you at the El Dorado airport, according to the arrival of the flight.
  • Panoramic tour on the way to the accommodation
  • Arrival at the selected hotel.
  • Welcome speech, instructions and travel recommendations
  • Accommodation in double or triple accommodation.
  • Dinner (Not included)

Bogotá – Laguna de Guatavita- Zipaquirá

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Departure to “La laguna de Guatavita”.
  • Entrance to the park, ritual of indigenous payment.Interpreted trail to visit the “La laguna de Guatavita”.
  • Departure to Zipaquirá.
  • Lunch typical of the region.
  • Guided visit to the Salt Cathedral.
  • Return to Bogotá.
  • Meeting of instructions next days.
  • Free Dinner (Not included)
  • Accommodation at selected hotel.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport - flight to the Amazon.
  • Arrival to the city of Leticia.
  • Transfer to Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park.
  • Typical regional lunch.
  • Tour interpreted by the park and its different
    stations that describe very well the culture of the Amazonian man and his natural environment.
  • Transfer to the cabins on the trees, located in the Amazon jungle.
  • Nocturnal tour through the jungle.
  • Dinner and lodging in cabins on the canopy of the jungle.
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Departure in car to the port of Leticia.
  • Visit to the Amazonian fruit market.
  • Boarding in touristic boats.
  • One hour tour on the Amazon River.
    • Arrival at the Tikuna community of Mocagua.
  • Guided tour through the community.
    • After a 40-minute walk through the jungle, visit at the Maicuchiga foundation created for the protection of apes.
  • Return at the community where lunch will be at the Payavaru restaurant, an initiative of indigenous women.
  • Departure by boat to the Tikuna community of San Martín of Amacayacu, approximately 40 minutes.
  • Accommodation in houses of indigenous hosts.
  • At the end of the afternoon, bathing in the river as the traditional way of the settlers.
  • Dinner, and at night a boat tour on the Amacayacu river to experience smells and sounds of the nocturnal jungle.
  • Very early, a walk to the Chagra (indigenous gardens) to collect the food for that
  • Breakfast at home with indigenous hosts.
  • 3 hour walk through the jungle, crossing through the different strata of the forest.
  • Lunch and time to rest.
  • At the end of the afternoon: an encounter with women artisans to make clay workshops, weaving fibers and natural dyes
  • Bathing in the river
  • Traditional cook workshop, sharing knowledge and culinary flavors of indigenous Tikuna culture
  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast at home.
  • Baggage preparation.
  • Departure by traditional boat to the municipality of Puerto Nariño, 2
    hour tour through the Amacayacu and Amazonas rivers.
  • Accomodation in hotel Waira Selva.
  • Lunch and pedestrian route through the municipality of Puerto Nariño.
  • Magic sunset in the Tarapoto Lakes, with possible pink and gray dolphin watching.
  • Return to hotel, dinner and overnight stay.
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Fast boat trip back to Leticia.
  • Free time to buy handicrafts.
  • Lunch in hotel Waira Suites.
  • Flight: Leticia - Bogota – Santa Marta.
  • In the night, arrival to the city.
  • Transfer and accomodation on Hotel AC
    Marriot Sta Marta
  • Free time for dinner (not included).
  • Caribbean tipic breakfast in the hotel.
  • Land journey through the trunk of the Caribbean sea towards the enigmatic Guajira, we will make this trip through the foothills of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with stops to have contact with the indigenous communities who inhabit this mountains.
  • Arrival to the ranchería El DiviDivi (Traditional accomodation indigenous in hammock)
  • After a typical Wayúu lunch.
  • Tour of the ranchería, traditional weaving workshop.
  • Interactive exhibition of the traditional dances and rituals of the Wayúu culture.
  • In the evening workshop of ancestral flavors and aromas (dinner preparation directed by the women of the community.)
  • Accommodation in hammocks.
  • After a delicious Colombian coffee, activity Dream interpretation, directed by one of the grandmothers of the ranchería.
  • Breakfast at the ranchería.
  • Departure in 4x4 trucks to El cabo de la vela (5 hours approx)
  • During the tour we will stop in Uribia the indigenous capital of Colombia and the population of Manaure to visit the traditional salt mines.
  • About 2 pm we will arrive at Cabo de La Vela.
  • Traditional lunch in front to the caribbean sea.
  • In the afternoon visit Ojo de Agua beach, time to enjoy the sea.
  • At dusk we will visit the Lighthouse and the stone of the Sepirra place where the Wayuu souls say goodbye and time to observe the impressive sunset ‘Guajiro’.
  • Acommodation in typical cabins.
  • Breakfast at the ranchería.
  • Visit to the Playa Dorada and Pilon de Azúcar, a beautiful beach with Golden sand and clear watter.
  • Time to enjoy the sea and the amazing and
    peaceful landscape.
  • Return to the ranchería to have lunch.
  • About 2:00 p.m. We will be leaving for the Waya hotel, in a 3-hour tour approximately.
  • Dinner and accommodation
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Morning to enjoy the beautiful facilities of the hotel.
  • 11:00 m Departure to Riohacha.
  • Lunch.
  • Tour the tourist boardwalk.
  • At the end of the afternoon flight Riohacha – Bogota
  • Arrival to Bogotá
  • Transfer to the selected hotel
  • Dinner (not included).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • In the morning tour interpreted by the historic center of  Candelaria, Coffee tasting and view of the Gold Museum or National Museum.
  • Traditional lunch santafereño.
  • Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Medellin.
  • Arrival to the airport in the Rionegro municipality, approximately one hour transfer to the city of Medellín.
  • Accommodation at the hotel Diez – Medellín.
  • Dinner (not included).
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Transfer to Olaya Herrera airport.
  • Local flight to Nuquí.
  • Accomodation on Cabañas de Amelia.
  • Relaxing time on Pacific Ocean and lunch in Hotel.
  • In the afternoon there will be a walk along the Nuquí beach and the town will be visited discovering the natural and cultural wealth of this area, accompanied by officials of the
    community initiative of the Cumbancha Circuit, local hosts and promoters of this beautiful territory.
  • Dinner and accommodation
  • Breakfast in the cabins.
  • Walk along the beach to move to the small town of Tribuga.
  • Two hours away will show us the friendly face of the landscape, its people and the great wealth of Soledad.
  • Arriving at the village we will make a tour in local boats through mangroves, we will know the cradle room of this great natural pantry.
    • After an hour and a half tour, a motorcycle taxi will move us back to the town of Nuquí to enjoy lunch with the seasoning of our local hostess.The end of the afternoon will be free to enjoy the peaceful beaches.
  • Traditional cooking workshop, sharing of culinary knowledge and flavors of Afro-Colombian culture
  • Breakfast in the cabins.
  • If the trip is made between the months of August and October this day will include a boat trip to go Humpback whale watching.
  • If the trip is at another time of the year, you will travel by boat through exotic beaches.
  • Lunch in Coqui: The flavors of the Pacific come together in this gastronomic encounter where the essence of the sea, vegetable spices and culinary tradition of its inhabitants merge.
  • In the afternoon return to accommodation and rest.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast at the cabins.
  • Flight Nuqui – Medellín.
  • Tour for Medellin city with a traditional Antioqueño lunch.
  • Transfer to the Rio Negro airport.
  • Flight Medellín – Bogotá.
  • Transfer to the selected hotel.
  • Accommodation, Dinner (not included).
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • In the morning, guided tour through the historic center of La Candelaria.
  • Coffee tasting and visit to Gold Museum.
    • Traditional santafereño lunch.
  • Transfer to airport to take flight back home.

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