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Breathe the Amazon with its immense green and vibrant nature, live the amazonian charm and join to be one more with the air, the breeze and the river, to share in the water of the great river with the pink dolphins, in the forest canopy with the churuco monkeys and the ancestral culture of the indigenous people from this destination.

Escape to the Amazon and live an authentic experience, meet again with the living nature of the planet and with the cultures that have inhabited there for thousands of years.

Be part of this great adventure...

Live the amazonian charm

Aerial view of the Amazon river the amazonian charm

Still in the air, during the almost two hours of flight, approaching the destination, you will observe the magnificence of an endless and magical green sea, crossed by the great Amazon River with its golden waters meandering like an ancestral anaconda. This will be a perfect preamble to the great adventure to come.

Upon landing in the small border city of Leticia, nestled in the middle of the jungle, you will find a small, spontaneous and vibrant city, you will receive the warm embrace of the weather, the sincere and unaware smiles of its inhabitants with their indigenous features, with shy and sincere looks.

A community who will proudly be your permanent company along the path of the jungle, the wind, the water, the forest, but above all, the ancient cultures that live there.

Navigating the longest and mightiest river in the world, the Amazon River, will be quite an adventure, where you can enter its ravines, furos and swamps, peacefully rowing through the flooded jungle and at some magical moment, breathe the aromas of the jungle, marvel at the great diversity of colors and natural tones.

Also listen to a herd of monkeys crossing the forest canopy or marvel at the majestic flight of the macaws, which in pairs will happily adorn the Amazon sky.

Be able to interact with the most megadiverse place on the planet, exploring the different jungle ecosystems, through placid and exciting journeys, always accompanied by local environmental interpreters, indigenous people of the Tikunas, Cocamas and Huitotos ethnic groups, who from their ancestral knowledge and their experience of life.

They will introduce us to the home of thousands of animal and plant species, recounting mythical and colorful stories such as that of the Yakuruna or Kurupira, protective elves of the river and the jungle, always transmitting their love, respect and appreciation for Mother Forest.

Guy chilling in the canoe During our trip to amazon river
Tourists with the Amazon community

When you arrive at the indigenous community of Mocagua, you will be greeted by men, women, and children who are proud of their ancestry. At this moment you will stop being a tourist to become a special guest or a CORÍ (indigenous term used for friends who arrive).

The first thing you will sight is the small wooden houses built on stilts, perfectly aligned, organized and clean. Inside, a hammock always ready, fishing nets, the oars of their canoes and in the background, a traditional kitchen.

There, you will be able to sit around the fire in the company of Elvia and her daughters, where you participate in the preparation of the legendary Patarasca, a delicious fish wrapped in foil, carefully and slowly roasted over the fire, always accompanied by fariña, plantain, chili and a refreshing juice made with freshly harvested fruits.

It will be a night for stories, meetings, talks and craft workshops in the main maloca, always in the company of women and the elderly, you’ll learn to weave with fibers and natural dyes, or how to knead the mud with yarumo ash to sculpt a vessel or a ceremonial element, at bedtime the houses of our hosts will be comfortably prepared, clean, safe and comfortable, without losing their essence and architectural tradition.

Dawn in the middle of the jungle will give you the feeling of absolute peace and freedom, since at that precise moment when the song of thousands of birds is in full swing, you will feel ONE MORE with the jungle, with the river, with your hosts, but above all, one more with yourself.

After enjoying the first coffee of the day in the company of Elvia and her family, you will go on a 30-minute walk to her farm, to collect food such as plantains, cassava, papaya and pineapple, for the day’s consumption, upon returning home. you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

With this meal, you will have enough energy to start a new Amazon adventure, such as fishing for piranhas in an artisanal way, visiting the lakes to spot the pink dolphins, swimming and playing in the ravine in the company of the children, while the women do the laundry.

And then you attend to the community school and participate in a class with the little ones, go into the jungle for a walk that can go from 1 to 8 hours, where the most adventurous can be in a jungle camp sleeping in the middle of the jungle , this among the different activities that you can do in that magical destination.

From now on, the magic of the Amazon jungle and its ancestry await you to make you live your way through the water, through tradition and culture, to be one with water, earth, fire and air.

Tourist celebrating having caught a piranha in the Amazon river Colombia

The amazonian charm in the Amazon, travel and experiencies in Colombia

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